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June 2017 (published: 27.06.2017)

Number 2(32)

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UDC 633.421

Rheo- and hydrodynamics of water-grain suspensions. Experimental study of the grain suspensions flow in pipes

Alexander G. Novoselov, Gulyaeva Yu. N. , Malakhov Yu.L., Smirnov A.A. , Chebotar A.V.

The article deals with the task of flow of water-grain suspension through the coefficients of dynamic viscosity and hydrodynamic parameters of suspension flows were determined with the aim of developing new machine and instrument circuits implementing various technologies for the production of microbiological synthesis products. Water-grain suspensions prepared on the basis of barley grain were studied with a hydromoduleof 1:4; 1:3.5; 1:3, and 1:2.5. While determining the dynamic viscosity coefficients in rheological experiments the temperature range variedbetween 20 and 90°C and in hydrodynamic ones – between 20 and 80°C. Rheological studies carried out at RHEOTEST® RN 4.1 SE rotary viscomer showed that the flow of water-grain suspensions followthe power law characteristic forpseudoplastic liquids. Graphical and mathematical dependences for calculating the dynamic viscosity coefficient as a function of temperature and shear rate for all the hydromodulesin questionare presented. Hydrodynamic studies were performed at the experimental unitdesigned for the purpose. For the first time graphical and mathematical dependencies for calculating the coefficient of friction along the length were obtained. The parameters of consistent flow curves are calculated and the self-consistent curves of water-grain suspensions are constructed. Cconsistent curves are shown to be divided into three characteristic zones, the boundaries of which are determined by the temperature and hydromodule.
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Keywords: hydrodynamics; water-grain suspension; hydraulic resistance; pipeline; friction coefficient; Reynolds number.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2017-10-2-40-49

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