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september 2017 (published: 29.09.2017)

Number 3(33)

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UDC 664

Properties of gel from chia seeds (Salvia hispanica L.)

Kuznetcova D.V., Kiryacheva E.V., Nadtochii L.A. , Ying Ma

The ability of chia seeds (Salvia hispanica L.) to separate gel was investigated. The influence of the grinding degree on the degree of dry substances’ extraction was also analyzed in the samples investigated. Chia seeds of various grinding degree i.e. whole (lightly crushed), large, medium and fine ones were investigated. The test samples were processed by adding water in 1:10 proportion, thorough mixing and maintaining for 4h. To assess the ability of the test samples to separate gel they were subjected to intensive centrifugation with the maximum acceleration mode (9391∙g) for15 minutes. To obtain reliable results the last step was repeated three times with 95% confidence. As a result of the research the influence of the degree of chia seeds’ grinding on the ability to separate gel from the test samples was proved. In particular, the property under investigation was more pronounced in chia seeds of finer grinding (particle size – less than 0.5 mm). In addition, the dry matter content in the separated gel from the samples is determined by drying. It was found out that with an increase in the grinding degree of chia seeds the share of dry substances’ extraction in the gel increases under the same experimental conditions, in particular at room temperature of 22°C. However, the difference in the results of analyses for the samples of large and medium grinding (particle size – less than 1.0 mm but greater than 0.5 mm) was not significant. Slightly chopped (whole) chia seeds (particle size – greater than 1.0 mm) were less able to separate gel dry matter content of which was the lowest one.
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Keywords: chia seeds (Salvia hispanica L.); the ability to separate the gel; degree of grinding; dry substances; degree of extraction

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2017-10-3-10-15

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