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september 2017 (published: 29.09.2017)

Number 3(33)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

The effect of microwave treatment on the quality and safety of packaged food ingredients with a low moisture content Baranenko D.A., Borisov A.Е., Borisova I.I., Weihong Lu

pp. 3–9

Properties of gel from chia seeds (Salvia hispanica L.) Kuznetcova D.V., Kiryacheva E.V., Nadtochii L.A. , Ying Ma

pp. 10–15

Flax seed hydrocolloids: their characteristics and prospects of use in food technology Minevich I.E., Osipova L.L.

pp. 16–25

Prospets of pulsed electric field application for extraction processes of oily materials Shorstky I.A., Koshevoy E.P.

pp. 26–32

Optical methods in the study of oil extracts and meals of vegetable raw materials Plotnikova Liudmil V., Nechiporenko U., Plotnikova N.A., Uspenskaya Maya Valerievna, Ishevskii A.L.

pp. 33–42

The effect of shock activator-disintegrating processing (UDA-processing) on the technological parameters of rye gydrolysates Sabirov A.A., Barakova N.V., Самоделкин Е.А.

pp. 43–52

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