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SEPTEMBER 2010 (published: 01.09.2010)

Number 2(10)

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Processes and equipment for food production

Examination of consumer qualities of milk products by magnetic-resonance tomography Alexeev G.V., Khripov A.A., Yakovlev A.A.

pp. 1

Prospect of using explosion welding to manufacture food industry equipment Alexeev G.V., Andreyev E.A., Mikhailov N.P., Dmitritchenko M.I.

pp. 2

Research on the creation of an efficient burner for thermal food processing plants Amosova M.A., Antufiev V.T.

pp. 3

Study and development of low-lactase sour-milk drinks for dietary-prophylactic purpose Arsenyeva T.P.

pp. 4

Phytoextracts are natural inhibitors of food spoilage (review) Bazarnova J.G.

pp. 5

Creation of functional foods for workers contacting with industrial aromatic compounds Baychenko L.A.

pp. 6

Enhancement of efficiency of alcohol production by carrying out some technological stages in one apparatus. Shell-and-tube jet-injection fermenter (STJIF) Ibragimov T.S., Alexander G. Novoselov, Barakova N.V., Natchetova M.F.

pp. 7

On the effect of potato membrane (peel) on mass-transfer when it is heated by electromagnetic energy of SHF field Voronenko B.A., Klokov U.V., Goppe D.A.

pp. 8

Calculation of overall dimensions of a vibratory milk heater Voronenko B.A., Demidov S.F., Demidov A.S., Akzhighitova A.A.

pp. 9

Consumer qualities of products made of whitefish (Coregonus nasus Pallas) caught in the Yenisei river lower basin Gnedov A.A.

pp. 10

Mechanical and physical-chemical methods of processing phytogenic raw material by using impulse excitation Головацкий В.А.

pp. 11

Process study of food processing by impulse excitation Головацкий В.А.

pp. 12

Hydrodynamic model of pounding calcium containing food additives Alexeev G.V., Danilenko E.A.

pp. 13

Factors governing the content of some heterocyclic compounds in beer Dedegkayev A.T., Batashov B.E., Sobolev V.V.

pp. 14

Rheological indices of a curd product on the basis of dry components Zabodalova L.A.,, Solovyova M.S.

pp. 15

Use of products of cavitation technology in the investigation of wasteless molding technology Konovalova M.U.

pp. 16

Hydrodynamic features of flow in gas-filled drinks in an annular channel at bottling Alexeev G.V., Lunyov K.N.

pp. 17

Viscosity - speed characteristics of fused cheese "Soviet" Nikolaev L.K., Denisenko A.F., Nikolaev B.L.

pp. 18

The dependence of the viscosity characteristics of processed cheese "Friendship" on the gradient of the velocity and temperature of the product Nikolaev L.K., Denisenko A.F., Nikolaev B.L.

pp. 19

The intensification of the cooling process margarine emulsions Nikolaev L.K., Denisenko A.F., Nikolaev B.L.

pp. 20

Some aspects of drying sea algae Obodov L.A.

pp. 21

Membrane methods of beer dealcoholizing Oganesian V.G., Petrova N.A., Tamazian G.A.

pp. 22

Scientific-practical aspects of solubilization of concentrated solutions of fat acid sodium salts Potchernikov V.I.

pp. 23

Development of a method to research and evolvement of scientific conception on crystalline and liquid phases of industrially manufactured hard soaps Potchernikov V.I.

pp. 24

Study of anion adsorption in sodium soaps on dirty and cleaned cloth Potchernikov V.I.

pp. 25

Basic processes of making confectionery cream Polyakov S.V.

pp. 26

Resource saving technology of making bakery products bread using special purpose wheat rich leaven Savkina O.A., Krasnikova Ludmila Vasilievna

pp. 27

Examination of the effect of alternative raw materials on the quality of bakery half-finished products Sergatchyova E.S.

pp. 28

Investigation of potentialities to use second-grade wheat (Durum) flour in manufacturing technique of breadmaking Sergatchyova E.S., Ternovskoy G.V.

pp. 29

Influence of aeration conditions on acetaldehyde and diacetyl content in unfiltered beer Tamazian G.A.

pp. 30

A method of producing food additive from fish bones Fatykhov J.A., Suslov A.E., Mazharov A.V.

pp. 31

Use of vegetable-origin additives for producing soft rennet cheeses from ultrafiltration concentrate of skim milk Yakovtchenko N.V., Silantiyeva L.A.

pp. 32

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