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2016 (published: 16.12.2016)

Number 4(30)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Influence of wheat grain preparation method on the quality and safety indicators in the technology of grain bread Khmeleva E.V., Bakaeva A.N.

pp. 3–9

Simulation of chromatographic separation conditions for measurement of synthetic dyes in dairy products Patsovskiy A.P., Nazarova V.V.

pp. 10–16

Composition and technology of soft cheese product with the use of high-protein amaranth flour Aravina K.I., Arsenyeva T.P.

pp. 17–25

Infrared drying of onion cover scales before placement in storage Demidov S.F., Filipov V.I., Petrov S.A.

pp. 26–31

Extraction of hypericin from St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) Rudometova N.V., Nikiforova T.A., Kim I.S.

pp. 32–39

The influence of binding agent on the properties of polyacrylate systems. Part I Nechiporenko A.P., Uspenskaya Maya Valerievna, Gredyuhina I.V., Plotnikova Liudmil V.

pp. 40–49

Technology and composition of the high-protein mixture for ice cream Nadtochii L.A. , Abdullaeva M.S., Lepeshkin A.I., Kuznetsova E.D., Predeina A.L., Yakovtchenko N.V.

pp. 50–57

Biodegradation of carbohydrates in apple juice Pankina I.A, Belokurova E.S.

pp. 58–64

The peculiarities of mathematical modelling for the kinetics of microorganisms’ cultivation Vyacheslav B. Tishin , Fedorov Alexander V.

pp. 65–74

Prediction of shelf life by accelerated testing in the technology of functional beverages Matveeva N.A. , Khasanov A.R.

pp. 75–82

Rheological properties of water-grain suspensions on the basis of crushed malt Alexander G. Novoselov, Malakhov Yu.L., Stepanenko A.V. , Gulyaeva Yu. N.

pp. 83–90

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