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2022 (published: 19.12.2022)

Number 4(54)

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UDC 532.5;665.1/.3

Hydro-gas dynamics of bubbles of superheated water vapor in sunflower oil during bubbling

Lisitsyn Alexander N., Fedorov A.A. , Volkov Sergey M., Fedorov Alexander V. , Romanov Nikolay N.

The aim of the study was to identify the dependencies of thermal, hydro-gas dynamic, and mass transfer processes during bubbling in the production of vegetable oils. The rising of single bubbles in superheated water vapor with a temperature of 140–165°C through a layer of vegetable oil with a temperature of 120–125°C was experimentally studied. A decrease in the temperature of superheated water vapor to 140°C does not lead to a significant decrease in the size of the bubbles, and consequently the area of the interfacial surface, both at the initial stage and along the entire rising trajectory, which was established using photo fixation. At the same time, the amplitude of the spiral trajectory of the bubbles decreases accordingly from 12–15 mm to 5–10 mm. Experiments with bubbler holes of a diameter from 1 to 4 mm showed a significant change in the size of superheated water vapor bubbles by 1.5–2.0 times respectively. Various shapes of bubbles have been recorded. Preliminary recommendations are formulated for the energetically advantageous construction of the vegetable oil bubbling process: it is possible to reduce the temperature of superheated water vapor to 140°C, the diameters of the bubbler holes should be no more than 4 mm, and the step between them, respectively, should be maintained at least 10-12 times larger than these holes.
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Keywords: hydro-gas dynamics; heat exchange; mass transfer; vegetable oil production; superheated water vapor; bubbling; steam bubble; rising steam bubbles

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2022-15-4-11-24

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