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2022 (published: 19.12.2022)

Number 4(54)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Influence of antioxidants on the stability of beta-carotene in multicomplex systems Kulishova K.E., Rudometova N.V.

pp. 3–10

Hydro-gas dynamics of bubbles of superheated water vapor in sunflower oil during bubbling Lisitsyn Alexander N., Fedorov A.A. , Volkov Sergey M., Fedorov Alexander V. , Romanov Nikolay N.

pp. 11–24

Quantitative change of nicotine in tobacco raw materials during natural fermentation under pressure Moiseev Igor V. , Karmanov Denis A., Leznyy Valerii V. , Kirillov Daniil D.

pp. 25–30

The effect of carbohydrates on the pigmentation of strain Arthrobacter agilis wb28 Sharova N.Yu. , Sverdlova Olga P. , Prichepa Artem O.

pp. 31–37

Assessment of consumer preferences for freeze-dried yoghurt by the hierarchy analysis method Krasnova I.S., Nikitina M. A., Semenov G. V.

pp. 38–48

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