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2014 (published: 24.02.2014)

Number 1(19)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Possibilities peelings technological water food production from zhirosoderz-haschih faction Goncharov M.V. , Ivleva E.N. , Alexeev G.V.

pp. 1–13

Automatic quality control of the continious dough mixing in the mechanized bread bakingprocess using computer image processing Andreev A.N., Shubnikov V.G.

pp. 14–28

Effect of hurdle factors on triacylglycerol changes in summer sausages during storage Baranenko D.A., Kolodyaznaya V.S.

pp. 29–38

Synbiotic fermented milk product with vegetable fillers for powering children of school age Belyakova S.Y, Krasnikova Ludmila Vasilievna

pp. 39–50

Getting food fibers from secondary raw materials Berezina N.A., Mazalova N.V., Tarasova A.V.

pp. 51–59

Using CO2-extracts of plants in the technology of producing dried-and-charqued fish products Ermakova Yu.A., Bessmertnaya I.A.

pp. 60–67

Тhe Chemistry of N-aminoaziridines. Part 1. Synthesis methods. Blandov A.N.

pp. 68–79

Ultrasound Absorption by pasta dough during pressing Verboloz E.I., Voronenko B.A., Verbitsky V.N., Kobyda E.V.

pp. 80–87

Estimation viability of shoots apple-tree, pear-tree and processing cryoprotectors bird-cherry buds after storage in liquid nitrogen Verzhuk V.G., Pavlov Alexander V , Orlova S.Y., Dorokhov D.S., Kotov V.M.

pp. 88–95

Vepolny intensification of burning of fuel in the furnace thermal apparatus. Gromtsev S.A., Gromtsev A.S. , Purmals M.

pp. 96–102

Determination of permissible modes seal fruits and vegetables in containers at their commodity processing Gromtsev A.S. , Kovalenko A.V., Ivanova M.A.

pp. 103–111

Development of compact dryers based on the identified regularities of the process drying pasta by infrared radiation Demidov S.F., Voronenko B.A., Demidov A.S., Filipov V.I.

pp. 112–117

Experimental study of heating milk in a vibrating heater Demidov S.F., Voronenko B.A., Demidov A.S., Bazhanovа I.A.

pp. 118–124

Liquid Crystalline Polymers: Theories, Experiments and Nematodynamic Simulations of Shearing Flows Hongyan Chen, Leonov A.I.

pp. 125–151

Development of technology for functional product made from wheat flour, enriched with fish protein and mineral filler Makhnach Е.V. , Bessmertnaya I.A.

pp. 152–161

Natural casings: characteristics, preparation, defects, heat treatment Arkhangelskaya P.A., Murashev S.V.

pp. 162–169

Effect of Grinding Depth on Minced Beef Properties Murashev S.V., Kodirov U.O.

pp. 170–174

Physical model of a flow-on of the device to the surface heat transfer, methodology and processing of results of researches on studying the processes of energy consumed on the mixing of the product Nikolaev B.L., Кузнецов А.В., Krupoderov А.U., Nikolaev L.K.

pp. 175–182

Studying of the influence the amylolitic enzymes to viscosity of the water grain suspensions in water-heating and enzyme treatment of barley Alexander G. Novoselov, Chebotar A.V., Petrova N.L.

pp. 183–187

Applikation cryoprotectans as a nuclaator ice storage fruit crops liguid nitrogen vapor Pavlov Alexander V , Verzhuk V.G.

pp. 188–193

Problems of development of the theory and practice of industrial shredding-cutting equipment Pelenko V.V., Zuev N.A., Bobrov S.V., Malyavko D.P., Malugin G.I., Tsuranov O.A.

pp. 194–207

Analysis of the functional drinks market in Russia and its extension courses Radionova A.V.

pp. 208–217

Features of calculation of thermodynamic characteristics of the supercritical fluids used in scf-technologies Rykov S.V. , Kudryavtseva I.V. , Rykov V.A.

pp. 218–225

System analysis applied to the research of mass transfer apparatuses with а vibrating nozzle Sorokopud А.F. , Ivanov P.P.

pp. 226–234

The development of monitoring and control of energy efficiency system in the production of dry milk products Spotaru Y.Y. , Ivanov V.L.

pp. 235–241

Some aspects of an intensification of cooling culinary products Tsuranov O.A. , Krysin A.G., Voronenko B.A.

pp. 242–247

Assessment of duration of freezing of a product at a variable temperature of the heat-removing environment Tsuranov O.A. , Krysin A.G., Voronenko B.A.

pp. 248–253

Influence of heat exchange on thickness choice thermal insulations of refrigerating chests Tsuranov O.A. , Krysin A.G., Voronenko B.A.

pp. 254–259

Composition and functional properties of cottage cheese serum in technology of forcemeat products Chernikov E.M., Bazarnova J.G.

pp. 260–264

The biological modification of meat properties with high content of connective tissue using probiotic cultures Shestopalova I.A., Uvarova N.A.

pp. 265–272

The radurization of pork muscle tissue Orehova S.M., Alla P. Nechiporenko

pp. 273–283

Place of computer drawing in the preparation of specialists for food industry Butkarev А.G., Sokolova E.A.

pp. 284–287

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