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2014 (published: 24.02.2014)

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UDC 637.146

Synbiotic fermented milk product with vegetable fillers for powering children of school age

Belyakova S.Y, Krasnikova Ludmila Vasilievna

     Research and development of synbiotic products enriched with plant components, vitamins and minerals are relevant.         A significant part of the population of Russia make schoolchildren. Balanced diet of this population group is a prerequisite for their health, resistance to infections and ability to learn in all age periods.On the global market is low range of products for nutrition of children of school age, so it is the actual the task of expanding this range by synbiotic fermented milk products enriched with micro-and macro-elements and vitamins.       Greatest biological value have milk proteins. Milk is a must, not to be replaced staple food for schoolchildren. Products based on herbal ingredients, on the other hand, make up for deficiency of essential nutrients that act as an effective tool for the prevention of common diseases.It is promising for preparing drinks combined lactic plant basis, the main component of which is whole or skimmed milk and vegetable fillers as - a certain type of flour. The article presents theresults on the development of technology for preparation the synbiotic fermented milk productfor poweringchildren of school age, in which as probiotic cultures of the strain used L. acidophilus 5e and S. thermophilus M;as a prebiotic – lactitol;and as fillers of vegetable origin - chickpeas and lentil flour.
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Keywords: probiotic, prebiotic, symbiotic, chickpeas flour, lentil flour, L. acidophilus, S. thermophilus, school meals.

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