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MARCH 2011 (published: 01.03.2011)

Number 1(11)

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Processes and equipment for food production

School of Physical and Chemical Mechanics Aret V.A.

pp. 1

Technology of the vitaminized bread «VITAMET» Andreev A.N., Aret V.A., Baychenko L.A.

pp. 2

Psychorheological properties of bread «VITAMET» Baychenko L.A., Kolodyazna V.S., Andreev A.N.

pp. 3

The mathematical description of process of hydrothermal processing of a test plait of straws in a soda solution Andreev A.N., Voronenko B.A.

pp. 4

The use of starter cultures for resource-saving technologies of making bread from wheat flour on sourdough Andreev A.N., Pleshanova N.N.

pp. 5

Formation of criterion function of an estimation of quality раскатки flaky pastry Alexeev G.V., Andreev A.N.

pp. 6

Improving of the efficiency of heat transfer in the drying process of phospholipid emulsion of sunflower oil in the rotary-film apparatus Altaiuly S.

pp. 7

Topinambur as mean of treatment and preventive maintenance of various diseases Arsenyeva T.P., Yakovleva Y.A., Feschenko V.

pp. 8

Food engineering: technology of gluten-free baked products Barsukova N.V., Reshetnikov D.A., Krasilnikov V.N.

pp. 9

Research of influence of various fats on quality sweetend condensed developed from dried milk. Brusentsev A.A.

pp. 10

Solution to the problem of diffusion in a membrane applied to the separation of emulsions. Voronenko B.A., Pelenko V.V., Polyakov S.V.

pp. 11

Kinematic synthesis and analysis of slider-crank mechanisms of third class with preset cyclegram and slider guide positon Gebel Е. S. , Khomchenko V. G. , Klevakin V. V.

pp. 12

Fabrication and study of the effectiveness of working bo-dies ovoscheochistitelnyh machines impulsive action Головацкий В.А.

pp. 13

Investigation of possibilities for the improvement of working bodies ovoscheochistitelnyh machines when pulsed Головацкий В.А.

pp. 14

Model performance Peeler continuous action principle depending on the basic parameters of the process implemented by pulsed Головацкий В.А.

pp. 15

Complex approach to enhancement of colloidal stability of beer Dedegkayev A.T.

pp. 16

Search the rational method of drying sunflower seeds Demidov A.S.

pp. 17

Sourses of infra-red radiation with a power supply for heat treatment of foodstuff Demidov S.F., Demidov A.S., Belyaeva S.S., Obodov L.A., Akzhighitova A.A., Sokolova E.A.

pp. 18

Dry roasting the kernels of sunflower seeds by infrared radiation Demidov S.F., Voronenko B.A., Demidov A.S.

pp. 19

Improving the efficiency of alcohol production by carrying out several process steps in one unit. 2. Making of mechanics and enzymatic processing of grain raw material in KSIBA Ibragimov T.S., Barakova N.V., Chebotar A.V., Alexander G. Novoselov

pp. 20

A new method for solving the Dirichlet problem for the longitudinal flow past a thin body of the rotating perfect fluid. Kornienko L.N., Yakushenko E.I.

pp. 21

Optimisation of a technological stream multiproduct manufacture of the bakers products Kosachev V.S., Koshevoy E.P., Sergeev A.A.

pp. 22

Influence of sour’s kind on biochemical indexes of a sour-milk product of the mixed fermentation. Kudryavtseva I.V., Mahiyanov A.M.

pp. 23

Antioxidant properties of fermented milk product with germinated barley grain. Silantiyeva L.A., Lemehova A.A., Nesterenko Ye.A.

pp. 24

Mathematical modelling of current of phosphatide concentrate in the aperture of extruder matrix Koshevoy E.P., Meretukov Z.A., Meretukov M.A.

pp. 25

One use of Discrete abrasive coating in treater Mosina N.A.

pp. 26

Early prognostication of the losses of fruit production during the refrigeratory storage Murashev S.V., Verzhuk V.G., Belova A.Y.

pp. 27

Influence terms of cultivation on the productivity and quality of years for baking of bread. Ponomareva O.I., Thernich V.G., Prochorthik I.P.

pp. 28

Electrophysical Methods of Influence in Dairy Processing Technologies Zabodalova L.A.,, Potoroko I.U.

pp. 29

The review of apparatus and technological methods for mass transfer anthocyanins intensification in red dry wine production Samoilenko D.N.

pp. 30

Reduction of indolylnitroethylphosphonates and indolylnitropropanoates Sarkisyan Z.M., Skobun A.S.

pp. 31

The Increasing of Mixing Efficiency of Low Viscous Foods by Applying Rotary Inertial Vibro-Exciters Sergeev S.V., Nekrutov V.G.

pp. 32

About thermal conductivity of brown algae. Obodov L.A., Voronenko B.A., Demidov S.F., Ekaterina V.Tambulatova

pp. 33

Application of functional additives and nonconventional kinds of raw material in the baking industry. Fedorova R.A., Ponomarenko V.M.

pp. 34

Phytoextracts in modern production of meat frozen semi-finished products Baydalinova L.S., Sharygina Y.I.

pp. 35

Methods to prevent spoilage of dry agricultural products in Orlov V.V., Алферев А.С.

pp. 36

Biological value of milk-fed veal protein Baranenko D.A., Kolodyazna V.S., Broyko J.V.

pp. 37

Meat and meat products spoilage microflora vital functions suppression by means of hurdle technology Baranenko D.A., Забелина Н.А.

pp. 38

About thermal conductivity of 26% cream for whipping plantbased "Curl". Ekaterina V.Tambulatova , Voronenko B.A., Polyakov S.V.

pp. 39

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