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2024 (published: 21.03.2024)

Number 1(59)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Influence of the composition of sunflower meal on the efficiency of separating the protein part of the raw material from fiber by mechanical fractionation Krylova Irina V. , Fedorov Alexander V. , Domorochshenkova M. , Demjanenko T. , Shaginova Liliia O.

pp. 3–13

Prediction of values of molecular diffusion coefficients for oxygen into aqueous solutions of nutrients for biotechnological productions Alexander G. Novoselov, Chebotar A.V., Igor V. Baranov, Duzhij A.B., Sorokin S.A.

pp. 14–24

Fournier method of IR-spectroscopy in the study of the anomeric purity of α- and β-forms of crystalline D(+)-glucopyranoses Alla P. Nechiporenko, Liudmila V. Plotnikova, Vеsо O.S., Sitnikova Vera E

pp. 25–34

Efficiency of enzyme preparations application in water extraction of phenolic compounds from green tea leaves Al-Yasari Arkan H., Barakova N.V., Baskovʦeva A.S., Alkhateeb R., Alexander G. Novoselov

pp. 35–43

Modeling of cephalopods heat treatment processes Pokholchenko V.A. , Alexander M. Ershov, Mishanina L.A.

pp. 44–55

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