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December 2019 (published: 17.12.2019)

Number 4(42)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Mathematical simulation of knife friction force during food cutting Aqeev O.V., Naumov V. A., Fatykhov J.A.

pp. 3–17

Electron beam treatment of pork muscle tissue sections in radurization modes Orehova S.M., Alla P. Nechiporenko, Nechiporenko U.

pp. 18–30

Technological aspects of the separation of the food additive E316 – sodium isoascorbate Kukin Mikhail Yu.

pp. 31–39

The effect of convective energy supply on the infrared drying intensity of tomatoes Dyachenko Eduard P., Aleksanyan Igor Yu., Razin Oleg A., Ivanova Maria I.

pp. 40–47

Hydrodynamic model for the viscosity of a mixture of supercritical carbon dioxide with vegetable oils in a capillary Melnik G. E., Lisitsyn Dmitry A., Starkov A.S., Fedorov A.V. , Vlasov Yu.A., Starkov C.A., Fedorov A.A.

pp. 48–54

Obtaining potato based extruded snacks Aksenova O.I. , Alekseev G. V., Sirokorensky Ilya S.

pp. 55–66

Dynamics for the thermal process of microorganism inactivation while setting the modes of ultrapasterization for canned food Levshenko Mikhail T., Senkevich Vyacheslav I.

pp. 67–77

Organoleptic evaluation of functional food products using encapsulated forms of biologically active substances of spruce needles Baranenko D.A., Ilina V.S. , Chechetkina A.Yu., Lepeshkin A.I., Nadtochii L.A. , Sokolova О.B.

pp. 78–84

Technological features of neutralizers in curd whey fermentation Eveleva V.V., Cherpalova T.M.

pp. 85–94

The prospects of application of Leningradskaya 6 wheat in ethyl alcohol technology Tokbaeva A.A., Satsyuk K.A. , Xintong Cheng, Ustinova A S, Barakova N.V.

pp. 95–101

Effect of the high pressure on the consumer properties of chicken forcemeat Kotkova Victoria V., Volkov Alexey Yu.

pp. 102–110

The symbiotic effect of oat β-glucan enriching bio-low fat yogurt Ibrahim Monika, Selezneva Irina S.

pp. 111–116

Plant ingredients in stabilizing the oxidative processes of butter during storage Nilova L.P.

pp. 117–123

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