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2018 (published: 31.12.2018)

Number 4(38)

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UDC 664.66.002.68

Determination modes of hydrolysates preparation from wheat sliced loaves

Ibrahim Monika, El Youssef F., Barakova N.V.

Studying the effect of storage time on Moskovskiy loaf bread (variety 1 sliced in a packet with clips) particle size distribution after grinding and storage for 2, 4 and 6 days. Influence of loaf bread grinding degree on starch clusterization peak. Investigation effect of mixtures heating temperature and influence of ground bread fractionation on dry matter quantity in hydrolysates, prepared from ground loaf bread. The Module grind determination for ground loaf bread was equal to 1.35 mm (medium grind) after 2 days storage; 0.90 mm (fine grind) after 4 days storage and 0.81 mm (fine grind) after 6 days storage. The starch clusterization peak in medium grind (2 days storage loaf) was 80°C; in fine grind (4 days storage loaf) was 60°C and in fine grind (6 days storage loaf) was 50°C. Receiving maximum dry matter quantity in hydrolysates, prepared from ground bread and stored 4 and 6 days, by increasing hydrolyzation temperature to 80°C and adding the ground bread by fractionation. The mix of ground bread and water prepared with a ratio of 1:3. Method of raw material fraction addition by dividing the ground bread total quantity into four equal parts and adding them with 10 min interval. Hydrolysate mixtures prepared using preparations of enzymes as α-amylase Dysthyme BA-T special with concentration 2.5 units AC/ 1 g bread and xylanase Dysthyme GL with concentration 1 unit KC/ 1 g bread. Measuring the dynamic changes of hydrolysates viscosity during their preparation within the temperature range of 32–90°C using viscometer Visco Basic Pluswith spindle R2 and rotation speed of 10 s-1. Measuring ground bread moisture content was by moisture analyzer Shimadzu MOC-63u. Analyzation of hydrolysate dry matter was by refractometer PTR46 Index Instruments. Studying of statistical analysis was by Origin pro. 2015 and ANOVA. It was recommended to use our results in wastes bread hydrolysates preparation.
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Keywords: recycling of bread products; breads wastes; bread wastes hydrolysate; sliced wheat loaf.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2018-11-4-42-48

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