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2018 (published: 31.12.2018)

Number 4(38)

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UDC 664.011

An improved method for calculating the power of the mixing device

Sinyavskiy Y.V.

The article proposes the development of the methods for calculating the power of the mixing device currently used in Russia taking into account the resistance forces on the part of the body on the basis of a two-layer model of the boundary layer. It is shown that to improve the accuracy of the calculation methods can be used similar methods to those which are used to calculate the resistance coefficients for the flow of liquid in curved channels.  The possibility of calculating the coefficient of resistance for the mixing device using extensive databases of experimental data obtained during aerodynamic studies of different profiles is shown. The technique of comparing results of calculations by various methods based on the determination of the probability density function of significant deviations, and the based on the technique algorithm for finding the parameters of the model are proposed. High accuracy of calculations using the proposed method for different blade mixers is illustrated. High accuracy of calculating the shape of the liquid free surface in the apparatus with a body in the form of a ball layer is shown. The method for determining the resistance coefficient of the mixing device by determining the liquid free surface profile taking into account central funnel is proposed.
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Keywords: hydrodynamics; mixing; improvement of the mixing method calculation; devices with mixers.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2018-11-4-3-14

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