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2018 (published: 30.12.2018)

Number 3(37)

Home > Issue > Prospects for the use of Spirulina Platensis microalgae in the technology for candy caramel of increased nutritional value

UDC 582.382:664.146.058

Prospects for the use of Spirulina Platensis microalgae in the technology for candy caramel of increased nutritional value

Rumyantseva V.V., Khmeleva E.V., Zhizhina L.A.

The technology for production of candy caramel of increased nutritional value with the addition of Spirulina platensis microalgae is developed. The effect of microalgae on the organoleptic and physicochemical indicators of the caramel mass and caramel quality, as well as on its nutritional value is investigated. Spirulina was introduced at different stages of the production process: during the preparation of caramel syrup, during the preparation of caramel mass, and at the stage of its molding. The dosage of spirulina was from 1 to 5% as a substitute for sugar according to the recipe. It was found that with an increase in the dosage of spirulina the humidity and the spreading coefficient of caramel mass increases, caramel acquires green color characteristic of the Spirulina platensis microalgae, but the content of reducing substances practically does not change. It was found that the best technique is the introduction of spirulina at the stage of boiling caramel mass. The expediency of the use of Spirulina platensis microalgae in the production of candy caramel in a dosage of 2.5% by weight of sugar is shown, which increases the nutritional value and allows us to recommend this caramel to a wide range of consumers as a functional product, and does not reduce the resistance of caramel to sugaring during storage. The content of natural spirulina pigments eliminates synthetic dyes from the caramel formulation and does not require additional technological equipment.
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Keywords: candy caramel; nutritional value; energy value; quality; spirulina microalgae; shelf life

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2018-11-3-20-25

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