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June 2016 (published: 22.06.2016)

Number 2(28)

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UDC 663.5

Propagation time impact of on the parameters of high gravity barley mash fermentation

Kuznetcova K. A., Barakova N.V., Natchetova M.F.

The article aimed to find out the correct propagation time to get the most efficient fermentation of high gravity barley mash. Barley harvested in 2015 and commercial enzymes produced by Erbsloeh were used for the experiment. Two saccharification methods were used: conventional one, when 7 units of glucoamylase preparation per gram of starch were added after mashing, and then mash is held at 60°С for 30 min; and the method of simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF), when glucoamylase was added in the mash just before yeast pitching at the temperature of 30°C. Mass fraction of soluble solids in the mash was 21.4%. Osmolarity of the mash fermented by conventional saccharification was 851 mmole/kg, by SSF method – 531 mmole/kg. DistilaMax®HT ethanol dry yeast by Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits was used in the experiment. Quality of propagated yeast was evaluated by yeast cell count, quantity of carbon dioxide during the fermentation, and by ethanol concentration in fermented beer. Yeast was propagated for 6; 7, and 8 h. Analyses of experimental data proved that the sample prepared with the use of SSF method and fermented by yeast propagated for 7 h. had the highest final ethanol content. It was also observed that it is more efficient to use SSF method for propagation.
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Keywords: ethanol dry yeast; propagation; high gravity barley mash; saccharification; glucoamyase.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2016-9-2-40-48

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