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2024 (published: 21.03.2024)

Number 1(59)

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Kremenevskaya M.I.

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Университет ИТМО

Demidov S.F., Kremenevskaya M.I., Voronenko B.A., Demidov A.S., Zaprometov A.A. Drying cowberry leaves by infrared radiation

The article was published in issue2 за 2014

Kutsakova V. E., Kremenevskaya M.I., Dobryagin R.V., Kalinina O.A., Pavlova A.I. The usage of protein stimulants of by-products of meat processing for the needs of natural grassland

The article was published in issue4 за 2014

Kremenevskaya M.I. Aspects of Rapid Freezing of Fruit and Berry Production

The article was published in issue4 за 2015

Kremenevskaya M.I., Vikharev A.V., Yudina I. Yu. Prospects for the use of by-products for food production

The article was published in issue2 за 2016

Yudina I. Yu., Kremenevskaya M.I., Trapeznikova A.S., Glazova А.Е., Dolgikh K.I. Plastic products with the addition of modified egg whites

The article was published in issue1 за 2017

Marina V. Baidakova , Sitnikova Vera E, Uspenskaya Mayya Valerievna, Kremenevskaya M.I., Sosnina O.A., Lebedeva T.V. Synthesis and properties of Biostim protein filler based acrylic composites

The article was published in issue4 за 2017

Кolesnikov L.E., Kremenevskaya M.I., Мельников С.П., Kolesnikova J.R., Razumova I.E., Yazeva Е.О., Bisukova O.N. The substantiation of the application of organomineral fertilizers and protein growth stimulant from the deep processing products of the meat industry raw materials in the soft wheat cultivation

The article was published in issue1 за 2020

Kremenevskaya M.I., Aret V.A., Sosnina O.A., Panchenco M.Yu., Rubtsov A.K. , Moskvicheva E.V. Features of the technology of functional ingredients enriched with biologically active substances of chondroprotective action

The article was published in issue1 за 2021

Kremenevskaya M.I., Кolesnikov L.E., Kolesnikova J.R., Adhamov F.S.G., Tkacheva M.M., Minakov D.S. The use of protein hydrolysate obtained by deep processing of meat raw materials for foliar feeding of soft wheat and reducing the intensity of disease development

The article was published in issue2 за 2022

Uvarov R.A., Kremenevskaya M.I. Aerobic solid-state fermentation of poultry farm waste as an element of a sustainable food system functioning

The article was published in issue3 за 2022

Kremenevskaya M.I., Varik Veronika S. , Sosnina O.A., Kudinov R.E. Specifics of preservation of biologically active substances in the processing of multicomponent fish by-products

The article was published in issue2 за 2023

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