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June 2014 (published: 01.06.2014)

Number 2(20)

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Drying cowberry leaves by infrared radiation

Demidov S.F., Kremenevskaya M.I., Voronenko B.A., Demidov A.S., Zaprometov A.A.

In preparation of medicinal raw materials the great value is allocated for a cowberry leaf. The family Cowberry includes the most valuable food and herbs. The cowberry leaf is used as raw materials for chemical pharmaceutical industry and as medicine at a disease of kidneys, depressions, soothing. Methods and installations are applied to drying of herbs with use of natural power sources (drying on the sun, drying in a shadow) and artificial heating (convective dryers, greenhouses). Natural drying in a shadow and artificial heating has a temperature mode an unstable, ready-made product because of unevenness of moisture content is characterized by poor quality. Research of process of drying of leaves of cowberry by the infrared radiation of the allocated length of a wave with use of modern measuring equipment to average moisture content Ū=4,7 in kg/kg is conducted at the density of thermal stream of 3,6 kW/sq.m comes to the end at achievement of temperature on a surface of a layer of a product no more than 42 - 44 °C, at the density of thermal stream of 5,3 kW/sq.m no more than 53 - 55 °C, height of a layer of 10 mm, 15 mm. As IK generators - radiations are applied linear quartz radiators with a diameter of 0.012 m with the functional ceramic cover, 75 mm established at distance from above and from below rather mesh pallet with a substrate from a corrosion-proof grid with a diameter of 2 mm on which cowberry leaves were located. Results of research of process of drying of cowberry leaves will be used by infrared radiation at design and production of experimental IK-installation of production type.
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Keywords: research, infrared radiation, cowberry leaves, drying, moisture content, temperature, density of a thermal stream.

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