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March 2015 (published: 27.02.2015)

Number 1(23)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Using of videocomputer technique for research of morphometric parameters of fish. Part 1. Development of hardware of videocomputer device Aqeev O.V., Fatykhov J.A.

pp. 1–9

Modeling of the interaction flow food mixture with element worker cameras of the device Alexeev G.V., Basheva E.P.

pp. 10–16

Influence goods characteristic of raw materials on quality flour product Dmitritchenko M.I., Prokopenko S.T., Antipov E.F., Mirsoev A.M.

pp. 17–24

Information analysis system for prediction of burn-education process of pasteurization of dairy products Balubash V.A., Aleshichev S.E.

pp. 25–30

Production and processing methods Basilica Stepanova N.Y. , Vasiljeva M.V.

pp. 31–36

Ways to improve the accuracy of dispensers for bulk foods Demchenko V.A., Kazakov Y.R.

pp. 37–42

Study of the change the temperature of fish "Zubatka" after processing in variable electromagnetic field during relaxation Zapletnikov I.N. , Paramonova V.A. , Kudryavtsev V.N.

pp. 43–47

Design and research of centrifugal continuous mixer for mixtures for sports nutrition Ivanec V.N. , Borodulin D.M. , Sukhorukov D.V. , Chechko S.G.

pp. 48–55

Development of an experimental ultrasonic ceramic membrane elements for wine processing Ivanova M.A. , Ponedel'chenko A.А.

pp. 56–61

Extraction during periodic injection of an extractant into the vapour phase Ivanov E.V. , Matveeva N.A.

pp. 62–69

Investigation of the influence of dry instant yeast in technology frozen test finished test properties and quality of products Kitissou P.K., Andreev A.N.

pp. 70–78

Effect of treatment of citrus fruits clementines by biopreparations on physiological and biochemical processes and indicators of quality in their refrigerated storage Kolodyaznaya V.S., Boulkrane M.S.

pp. 79–85

Prospects of the improvement of the process of the pulverizing vegetable cheese Kondratov A.V., Solovev N.A., Dashkoveckaya A.V.

pp. 86–95

The kinetics of the oxidation of ascorbic acid in the refrigeration storage of table grapes in a controlled atmosphere Kolodyaznaya V.S., Koidov Sh.M.

pp. 96–100

Heat transfer in the Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers in the processing of viscous fluidswithnon-Newtonianproperties Krupoderov А.U., Nikolaev L.K.

pp. 101–104

The method for producing protein ingredient of residual brewer's yeast with the properties of the sorbent of mycotoxins for bakery Kutsakova V. E., Shkotova T. V. , Efimova S.V.

pp. 105–110

The use of dry hopping technique in brewing Matveeva N.A. , Titov A.A.

pp. 111–118

Change of colorimetric properties the cooled meat of chicken at storage Murashev S.V., Petukhova D.B., Pisarovskaya E.A.

pp. 119–125

The system approach to analysis of water-heat and enzyme treatment of grain substance in production of food grade ethanol. Part 2. Analysis of the bloc "Energy" and "Device" Alexander G. Novoselov, Gulyaeva Yu. N. , Sivenkov A.V.

pp. 126–131

Influence of chemical composition of milky-wax ripeness walnut on the process of acid formation in the production of functional fermented drinks Orlova O.Y. , Nasonova Y. K.

pp. 132–137

Structure formation in polyethyleneoxide solution streaming through jet-shaping head while cutting foodstuffs Pogrebnyak A.V. , Ivanyuta Yu.F.

pp. 138–141

Kinetics of drying of fruit stones infrared by a radiation in a vibroboiling layer Poperechnyi A.N., Myronova N.A.

pp. 142–149

The relationship between discrete dosing parameters and dynamic characteristics of the mixer Ratnikov S.A. , Shushpannikov A.B. , Shushpannikov E.A., Ivanets G.E.

pp. 150–154

Investigation of pretreatment conditions and freezing on the vitamin C content in the different varieties of apples during storage Rumyantseva O.N, Kravchenko D.A.

pp. 155–160

Experimental study of capillary-evaporation burners for heat blocks field kitchens Antufiev V.T., Smolyanskii O.V. , Zankov P.N.

pp. 161–166

Current status and direction of development of fruit and vegetable processing industry Tretyakov N.A.

pp. 167–172

Vegetable fermented drinks Belokurova E.S., Borisov L.M., Pankina I.A

pp. 173–179

Assessment of change of temperature frozen product-tion in commercial refrigeration of equipment in convective and conductive heat transfer conditions Tsuranov O.A. , Krysin A.G., Bykova V.V.

pp. 180–186

Modern research trends and technical solutions for the intensification of the process of freeze-drying in the food industry, pharmaceutical production and Applied Biotechnology (Part 1) Semenov G. V., Bulkin M.S., Kuzenkov A.V.

pp. 187–202

Development testodelitelya with elaborated otmerivaniem dose Palchikov A.N., Kopilec V.I.

pp. 203–208

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