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March 2015 (published: 27.02.2015)

Number 1(23)

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UDC 66.01:532

Modeling of the interaction flow food mixture with element worker cameras of the device

Alexeev G.V., Basheva E.P.

Mathematical model jet saturation is described In article. The Dairy whey is a by-products at production traditional protein-fatty products - a cheese, pot cheese and casein. Depending on type main about, got on traditional technology, milk whey mark as casein. The Accompaniment wheys in drink  to increase the assortment of the market segment. Gazosoderzhanie nonalcohlic drink is defined by degree  carbon dioxide in liquids. get;receive-On diagram of the dependencies of carbonated яwater from the temperature and pressures which shows that maximum importance degree saturation reaches 7,0 г/л.  teach Physical characteristic of water, as follows density and viscosity  , have done experiment with milk whey is Considered one of the models to saturations (the saturation by dioxide of carbon) free food liquid. Happens to processing a result experiment with is-use of the block of the programs, realizing approaches of the ill-defined logic, showned adequacy of the built models real occurring process.
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Keywords: jet saturation, carbonated, dairy whey, processing experiment, ill-defined logic, graphic interpretation.

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