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2014 (published: 11.09.2014)

Number 3(21)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Use of mathematical modeling for resursosberegayuschih food production Alexeev G.V., Aksenova O.I.

pp. 1–10

Polyunsaturated fatty acids of fish raw in technology of functional food Baydalinova L.S., Andronova S.V.

pp. 11–20

Mathematical simulation of the food processing equipment starting mode and rheometers Baychenko L.A., Kondratov A.V., Aret V.A., Zelenkov V. K.

pp. 21–28

Choice of process control channels in the processes of food production Balubash V.A., Aleshichev S.E., Dobryakov V.A.

pp. 29–42

Development of frozen pastry from linseed flour Barsukova N.V., Tyrlova O.Y.

pp. 43–52

The theoretical basics of employment ultrasound for food systems processing in order to regulate the content of bioactive components Gerasimov D.V., Suchkova E.P.

pp. 53–60

Drying parsley leaves infrared Demidov S.F., Voronenko B.A., Pelenko V.V., Demidov A.S.

pp. 61–66

Usage of crioscopic temperature for prediction of cold storage Verzhuk V.G., Kalatsevich N.N.

pp. 67–79

IR-drying fruit and berry raw materials Kiptela L.V. , Zahorulko A.N.

pp. 80–86

Investigation of rheological properties of fruit-jelly mass manufactured using sugar substitutes Kuznetsova L.I., Koldina T.V., Vitovtov A.A.

pp. 87–98

Study of the technological features of the process of cutting food blade tool. Development of the device for cutting fruit and vegetables Kravcova E.V., Alexeev G.V.

pp. 99–106

Development of fermented product technology and composition for sports nutrition Кудрявцева Т. А., Kharkov K.Y., Novinyuk L.V.

pp. 107–112

Development of technology of functional products sprouted grain Kurganova E.V., Ishevskii A.L.

pp. 113–122

Concentration of plum juice the method of freezing Matveeva N.A. , Lakisova T.U.

pp. 123–134

Selection of milk fat substitutes in order to regulate the fatty acid composition of fused cheese product Lotysh N.S. , Arsenyeva T.P.

pp. 135–144

Consideration of storage products and design and dimensioning machine short-time storage of fruits and vegetables a spherical shape Minaeva T.V. , Alexeev G.V.

pp. 145–151

Effect of the metal-ligand interaction in the heme group on the colour of myoglobin forms Murashev S.V., Bolshakova O.S.

pp. 152–163

Investigation the possibility of creating of cat food on the basis of raw materials containing taurine Nadtochii L.A. , Afanasieva N.A.

pp. 164–169

Research capacity in the processing of viscous food products and other environments with pseudo-plastic properties of capacitive equipment cleaning mixing devices Nikolaev B.L., Nikolaev L.K.

pp. 170–178

Drying seaweed by infrared radiation Obodov L.A., Demidov S.F., Voronenko B.A.

pp. 179–192

Technological implementers of resource-saving when processing fruit and vegetables Palchikov A.N., Alexeev G.V.

pp. 193–204

Bakery products cooling factors apparatus-technological analysis Pastukhov A.S. , Bogatyrev Anatoly Vladimirovich, Danin V.B., Balubash V.A.

pp. 205–216

Prospects for the use of different starter cultures in the production of curd with the addition of protein preparations Piriev A.U., Gunkova P.I.

pp. 217–222

Development of a device for mixing and control the quality of meat stuff systems Popov P.S., Angelyuk V.P., Anastasiya V. Popova

pp. 223–234

Development of module for weight measurement for food portioning mechatronical complex Fatykhov J.A., Aqeev O.V.

pp. 235–258

A numerical method for calculating the spherical products freezing time Filatov A.S., Eglit A. Yu.

pp. 259–272

The experimental study the of hydraulic impedance occurring during flow of the water-grain suspense in pipelines Alexander G. Novoselov, Chebotar A.V., Gulyaeva Yu. N. , Meradzhi V.V.

pp. 273–284

The influence of oxidized starch on the tensile strength and elongation of gelatin film Shatalov I.S., Shatalova A.S., Shleykin A.G.

pp. 285–291

Optimal control of the working elements blade mixer Ananiev A.A., Pelenko V.V., Kartuzov E.I.

pp. 292–302

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