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MARCH 2010 (published: 01.03.2010)

Number 1(9)

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Processes and equipment for food production

Dependence of heat transfer coefficient from milk heated in a vibrating reheater on design parameters Voronenko B.A., Demidov S.F., Demidov A.S., Polyakov S.V.

pp. 1

Topology investigation of abrasive coating in batch-type potato peelers Alexeev G.V., Mosina N.A.

pp. 2

Rheology applied to develop resource-saving technology and equipment for making bakery and pastry products Andreev A.N.

pp. 3

Development of resource-saving technology to make rye-wheat bread with starting cultures Andreev A.N., Vinogradov U.A., Kitissu Pol

pp. 4

A problem of combined heat and mass transfer for potato baked in ultrahigh frequency electromagnetic field Voronenko B.A., Klokov U.V., Goppe D.A.

pp. 5

A method to calculate a working agent temperature in a drying apparatus with infrared gas-jets Voronenko B.A., Demidov S.F., Demidov A.S.

pp. 6

On residence time of an object treated in a vibrating reheater Voronenko B.A., Demidov S.F., Filipov V.I., Demidov A.S.

pp. 7

Study of moisture removal from dried apricots Pelenko V.V., Ivanenko V.P., Krysin A.G., Usmanov I.I.

pp. 8

Rheological qualities of honey cakes Konovalova M.U., Evtushenko A.M.

pp. 9

Statistical analysis of multiassortment production schedules for concurrent-operated batch-type units Kosachev V.S., Koshevoy E.P., Sergeev A.A.

pp. 10

Heat and mass transfer in ellipsoidal bodies Kosachev V.S., Koshevoy E.P., Sergeev A.A., Mironov N.A.

pp. 11

Mathematical modeling of non-Newtonian fluid flow in an extruder channel, extraction included Koshevoy E.P., Meretukov Z.A.

pp. 12

Physical and chemical reasons of meat red color appearance Murashev S.V., Vorobyov S.A., Zhemchuzhnikov M.E.

pp. 13

Studying shear stresses in the “Cheese with onion” processed cheese Nikolaev L.K., Denisenko A.F., Nikolaev B.L.

pp. 14

Effective viscosity measurement of “Russian”processed cheese Nikolaev L.K., Denisenko A.F., Nikolaev B.L.

pp. 15

Simulated radiation-convection drying of food materials Voronenko B.A., Demidov S.F., Ivanenko V.P., Krysin A.G., Pelenko V.V., Usmanov I.I.

pp. 16

A mathematical model of a baking chamber as an object with lumped parameters Danin V.B., Kirikov A.U.

pp. 17

On stabilized temperature conditions in a baking chamber optimized on the basis of splitting motions Danin V.B., Kirikov A.U.

pp. 18

Effect of enzymic agents on properties of liquid pastry dough and waffles with “Vitazeil” wheat cellulose Andreev A.N., Ivanova O.O.

pp. 19

Formula development of bread with high nutritional quality Andreev A.N., Smirnov S.V.

pp. 20

Physico-mechanical and aerodynamic characteristics of pumpkin seeds Derevenko V.V., Korobchenko A.S., Аленкина И.Н.

pp. 21

Study of aziridins synthesis from thiophene and thiophene derivatives Blandov A.N., Yanayte M.K.

pp. 22

The review of working out of perspective directions of creation of functional products for gero-dietary a food of people suffering diseases of the locomotive system Zhukova S.B., Stepanenko T.S.

pp. 23

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