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June 2024 (published: 18.06.2024)

Number 2(60)

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Tarabanovsky F

Pelenko V.V., Aret V.A., Ольшевский Р.Г., Zuev N.A., Kayka A.H., Tarabanovsky F, Bobrov S.V. Development of the mathematical model of the chopping process of meat raw materials in the top

The article was published in issue3 за 2013

Pelenko V.V., Malyavko D.P., Bobrov S.V., Zuev N.A., Ольшевский Р.Г., Tarabanovsky F Rationale for the shape and size of the lattice openings grinder

The article was published in issue1 за 2012

Pelenko V.V., DAYNEKO K.E. , Ivanenko V.P., Krysin A.G., Pelenko F.V., Kayka A.H., Tarabanovsky F The account of forces of a superficial tension in the mathematical model of heat and mass transfer in drying of surface moisture is dried fruits

The article was published in issue4 за 2013

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