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June 2024 (published: 18.06.2024)

Number 2(60)

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Fedorov A.V.

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Fedorov A.V. , Alexander G. Novoselov, Fedorov A.A. , Kowalskiy Ilya S., Volkov Sergey M. Modeling of structural-rheological properties of sunflower oil miscella

The article was published in issue2 за 2018

Melnik G. E., Lisitsyn Dmitry A., Starkov A.S., Fedorov A.V. , Vlasov Yu.A., Starkov C.A., Fedorov A.A. Hydrodynamic model for the viscosity of a mixture of supercritical carbon dioxide with vegetable oils in a capillary

The article was published in issue4 за 2019

Volkov Sergey M., Fedorov A.V. , Ekaterina V.Tambulatova , Alexander G. Novoselov, Tsvetkov O. B., Fridman I.A., Федорова А.А. Mutual influence of hydrodynamic conditions and phase transitions during boiling of multicomponent viscous liquids

The article was published in issue4 за 2020

Kudinov Roman E., Kremenevskaya M.I., Fedorov A.V. The study of composites to create a stable emulsion-type coloring food system

The article was published in issue2 за 2024

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