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MARCH 2012 (published: 01.03.2012)

Number 1(13)

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UDC 664.91:637.52

Rapid Assessment of shelf life of food products

Ishevskii A.L. , Sorokin V.I.

Currently, the processes leading to spoilage of food products, are generally classified into three main types: physical, chemical and microbiological. And the physical and chemical processes contribute to the development of the main causes of spoilage of food products - the development of microorganisms. As a rapid rate limiting the shelf life of meat products is proposed to use a constant extinction rate of microorganisms. An example of a graphic to determine the maximum storage time. As you reach the point mikrobiostaza, antimicrobial preservative effect is weakened, the number of microorganisms begins to increase, the rate constant increases in the death of the negative values. The intersection of the values ​​of the initial contamination, indicates either a re-colonization, or the introduction of an additional amount of a preservative, or the need for the use of preservatives over long periods. The proposed rapid assessment is simple enough to carry it out have 3-4 KMAFAnM indicator, turn the starting point of contamination that can be done in the laboratory of any food business.
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Keywords: microbial contamination, constant dying, preservatives

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