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2014 (published: 24.02.2014)

Number 1(19)

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UDC 547.772

Тhe Chemistry of N-aminoaziridines. Part 1. Synthesis methods.

Blandov A.N.

 Now the synthetic organic chemistry pays much attention to small heterocyclic systems which include aziridines and their derivatives, in particular N-aminoaziridines (NAA) combining in the structure fragments of aziridine and hydrazine. They found application in organic synthesis and are of interest, as potentially biologically active agents. We described a structure and physical properties of NAA among which the high barrier of inversion of cyclic atom of the nitrogen, conducting to its pyramidal stability is most remarkable. Further the main approaches to synthesis NAA including synthesis from their derivatives, easily available on other reactions (as a rule, from the acylderivates, and most often from N-phthalimidoaziridines (NFA)), synthesis as a result of cyclisation and by creation of bond N-N are considered. We received by a phthalimidoaziridination and hydrazinolysis a number of  NAA and their properties are studied
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Keywords: N-aminoaziridine (NAA), N-phthalimidoaziridine (NPA), phthalimidoaziridination, hydrazinolyse, pyramidal stability

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