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Декабрь 2014 (published: 03.12.2014)

Number 4(22)

Home > Issue > Investigation of the method of reception of liquid fof smoking on the basis acoustically generated aerosol

UDC 664.951.3:001.4

Investigation of the method of reception of liquid fof smoking on the basis acoustically generated aerosol

Nikonova A.S. , Ivaney A.A.

In the given report questions of reception of a high-quality liquid for smoking with ultrasound application are considered. Recommendation about reception liquid for smoking «AntonioSilver» are presented. Features of the offered method of production the experimental liquid for smokingare specified. Indexes of safety of the experimental liquid for smokingaccording to requirements of normative documents are provided. A row of indexes of chemical and physical composition of the experimentalliquid for smoking are given. The description of construction of the experimental installation for production liquid for smokingis provided. Basic elements of this installation are the casing of an absorber, a radiator of ultrasonic oscillations, the hub of ultrasonic oscillations, the generator of a water aerosol, a cooler. Data on influence ultrasonic oscillations of different sound pressure level on intensity of course of coagulationand absorption processes in aero disperse system smoke gases and acoustically generated water aerosol are provided. The experimental liquid for smoking contains a full complex of the key chemical components causing appearing of the main effects of smoking in processed products. Article is followed by the graphic material illustrating design features of the experimental installation and results of the pilot studies. There are presented information about the use of silver ions as a bactericidal agent. Adding in liquid for smokingof ions of silver for gain of bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect is offered.
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Keywords: liquid for smoking, ultrasound, coagulation processes,  absorption  processes, silver ions.

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