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June 2024 (published: 18.06.2024)

Number 2(60)

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Ivanova M.A.

Work place:

National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics Institute of Refrigeration and Biotechnologies

Gromtsev A.S. , Kovalenko A.V., Ivanova M.A. Determination of permissible modes seal fruits and vegetables in containers at their commodity processing

The article was published in issue1 за 2014

Voronenko B.A., Antufiev V.T., Ivanova M.A. Analytical solution of a heat and mass transfer problem in batch process of a small a piece bakery product at imposing of a field of ultrasound

The article was published in issue1 за 2012

Antufiev V.T., KORNIENKO YU.I. , Ivanova M.A. , BEZUS E.V. Study of the application of the activated serum für accelerated tech-nology + of batching

The article was published in issue2 за 2012

Antufiev V.T., Ivanova M.A. Influence of ultrasound on indicators of ready small a piece bakery product.

The article was published in issue2 за 2011

Ivanova M.A. , Rekuto N.V. Studying of influence of ultrasound on some production phases of flour confectionery in the convection steamer

The article was published in issue4 за 2014

Ivanova M.A. , Ponedel'chenko A.А. Development of an experimental ultrasonic ceramic membrane elements for wine processing

The article was published in issue1 за 2015

Pelenko V.V., Verboloz E.I., Demchenko V.A., Usmanov I.I., Evona N.K., Ivanova M.A. Experimental studies of grinding process in auger equipment

The article was published in issue1 за 2020

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