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June 2017 (published: 27.06.2017)

Number 2(32)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Upward flow hydrodynamics of an oil hydrogenation bed in a fixed-bed catalyst Gilevskaya O.V., Bannykh Olga P.

pp. 3–8

Improvement of pectin production technology from apples Mikhail Yu. Kukin

pp. 9–17

Simulation of an elementary knife immersion depth into a material at cutting of fish Naumov V. A., Aqeev O.V., Fatykhov J.A.

pp. 18–28

Reflection spectroscopy in the study of muscle tissue of animal origin. Part I Alla P. Nechiporenko, Uspenskaya Maya Valerievna, Orehova S.M., Liudmila V. Plotnikova, Petr P. Plotnikov, Ishevskii A.L.

pp. 29–39

Rheo- and hydrodynamics of water-grain suspensions. Experimental study of the grain suspensions flow in pipes Alexander G. Novoselov, Gulyaeva Yu. N. , Malakhov Yu.L., Smirnov A.A. , Chebotar A.V.

pp. 40–49

Lactobacilli – inhibitors microbiota of brewing malt Belokurova E.S., Anastasia Z. Afonina, Pankina I.A

pp. 50–57

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