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November 2015 (published: 27.11.2015)

Number 4(26)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Numbers of similarity at the processes of fish drying, smoking and frying Alexander M. Ershov, aaaaaaaaaa, Pokholchenko V.A.

pp. 3–12

Application of ultrasound to enhance the separation of cereals Vedmedenko N.S., Palchikov A.N., Antufiev V.T.

pp. 13–19

The equation in the generalized variables of the quality and quantitative standard of process of preparation of culinary dishes Nugmanov A.H-H.

pp. 20–25

Traditional and perspective vegetable sources of iodine for enrichment of foodstuff Orlova O.Y. , Pilipenko T.V., Nilova L.P., Nikulina M.V.

pp. 26–34

The depth of grinding of the muscle tissue and the formation of condensation patterns of raw sausages Murashev S.V., Gavrilova A.N.

pp. 35–42

Study of the rubbing machines, its analysis and assessment of efficiency Paramonova V.A. , Kudryavtsev V.N.

pp. 43–53

The using of cognitive images of the States of systems in space of entropy potentials parameter for the organization of monitoring and control Lazarev V. L., Graholskaya T.A., Travina E.A., Frolkov N.A.

pp. 54–61

Investigation of the sterilization process of canned products for further automation Mokrushin S.A. , Ohapkin S.I., Khoroshavin V.S.

pp. 62–72

Development of a design matrix for the dynamic extrusion and its mathematical foundation Aksenova O.I. , Alexeev G.V.

pp. 73–79

Аlkaloidness investigation of Lupin seeds Pankina I.A, Borisov L.M.

pp. 80–87

Development of resource-saving production process of confectionery in the ultrasound Verboloz E.I., Savchenko R.N.

pp. 88–95

Analysis of the rheological properties of vegetable and mayonnaise sauce, produced with the use of functional herbal supplements Merenkova S.P. , Lukin A A

pp. 96–105

The hydrodynamics of three-phase flows in vertical pipes with a jet dispersing the gas phase Alexander G. Novoselov, Malakhov Yu.L., Matevosov T.S.

pp. 106–115

Aspects of Rapid Freezing of Fruit and Berry Production Kremenevskaya M.I.

pp. 116–122

Installation of electrostatic smoking with an inductive supply of energy at a dymogeneration in the environment of inert gas Shahov S. V., Maltceva O.V., Sukharev I.N. , Shubkin S.Y.

pp. 123–131

Carbon dioxide scrubbing efficiency Pronin V.A., Priluzkii A. A., Dolgovskaya O.V., Podbolotova T.E.

pp. 132–140

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