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November 2015 (published: 27.11.2015)

Number 4(26)

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The depth of grinding of the muscle tissue and the formation of condensation patterns of raw sausages

Murashev S.V., Gavrilova A.N.

In article the complex analysis of the factors influencing structurization in raw smoked sausages for the purpose of regulation and management of this process is for the first time carried out. Coagulation structure of the stuffing in the technological process of production turns into condensation the structure of the sausages. During this process changes the nature of relationships and their energy, resulting in the transformation of plastic properties in elastic. Depending on the type of sausage (smoked or cooked sausage), you need a beef with a certain water-binding ability. The required amount of water-binding capacity of meat is regulated by the degree of grinding of raw meat and the amount of salt used in accordance with the recipe. At the same time the water-binding ability of proteins depends on pH. Given the roughly dispersed grinding of meat, a feature of the technology of production of raw sausages is according to secondary structure formation on the intensity of hydrolytic breakdown of proteins in muscle tissue. In this regard, the technological effort in the production of raw sausages should be aimed at lowering the pH to activate interstitial enzymes and removal of excess water, preventing aggregation and the formation of condensation patterns. The obtained results can be used to improve the quality and effectiveness technology of production of smoked sausages.
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Keywords: grinding meat; interstitial enzymes; water-binding capacity; pH of meat.

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