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MARCH 2013 (published: 01.03.2013)

Number 1(15)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Definition of meat-mincing systems parameters «conditional cohesion» Angelyuk V.P., Popov P.S.

pp. 1–5

For non-Newtonian fluid in a screw press Andreev A.N.

pp. 6–12

Use the results of rotational viscometry wheat dough in the calculations of pipelines Aret V.A., Baychenko L.A., Denisenko A.F., Nikolaev L.K., Scherbakov A.S.

pp. 13–19

Express analysis of technological parameters of loose foodstuff Balubash V.A., Nazarova V.V., Aleshichev S.E.

pp. 20–22

Technology of meat products from biotechnologically modified raw materials Baranenko D.A.

pp. 23–30

Modeling of the interaction flow food mixture with element worker cameras of the device Basheva E.P., Alexeev G.V.

pp. 31–34

Effect of antioxidants in the woody tissue of fruit and berry plants in the winter and spring on the cold storage of the harvested crop Bobko A.L, Murashev S.V., Verzhuk V.G.

pp. 35–42

Investigation of the heat treatment process of sausages by infrared radiation Demidov A.S., Demidov S.F., Pyatnitskov V.A.

pp. 43–50

Using spherification technique in product technologies at restaurants Dotsenko V.F., Arpul O.V., Usatyuk E. M., Vorona A.P.

pp. 51–56

Project technology of gero-dietetical smoothie on basis of oat seed grit and cellulose moisture content estimation Dyakov A.G., Toryanik A.I., Svidlo K.V., Lipovyi D.V.

pp. 57–66

Water state influence on the physicochemical properties of plant tissue and its natural decrease of the mass during cold storage Kalatsevich N.N., Murashev S.V.

pp. 67–75

To the question of application of the Ranque-Hilsch Effect (Vortex tube) at the enterprises on manufacture of sausage products Krupenenkov N.F.

pp. 76–80

Calculation method of density and heat of vaporization of carbon dioxide Kudryavtseva I.V., Rykov V.A., Rykov S.V., Selina E.G., Kurova L.V.

pp. 81–84

The influence of the temperature of the product, velocity gradient and tangential stresses on the rheology characteristics of mayonnaise, mayonnaise «Kolibri» Nikolaev B.L., Nikolaev L.K., Denisenko A.F., Krupoderov А.U., Кузнецов А.В.

pp. 85–89

Change the viscosity - speed characteristics of melted cheese «Yantar» by-product temperature and strain rate Nikolaev L.K., Nikolaev B.L.

pp. 90–93

The features of changing the rheological properties of the water-grain suspense during the water-heating and ferment treatment (WHFT) Alexander G. Novoselov, Chebotar A.V., Ibragimov T.S.

pp. 94–100

The role of nutrition in the prevention of iodine deficiency disorders Palamarek K.V.

pp. 101–106

Мineral structure of bakery products with whole grains flour with fillings Peresichnaya S.M.

pp. 107–114

Determination of thermal stress state of the viewing windows of food machines, made of triplex Rudyak U.A.

pp. 115–120

Evaluation of power consumption of mixing, based on twolayer turbulence model Sinyavskiy Y.V.

pp. 121–126

Quality of mineral structure of dishes from cottage cheese of a functional purpose Sushich M.I.

pp. 127–132

Technology of croquettes with dietary supplements and fillings Tarasevych K.V.

pp. 133–138

Developing laser location devices for mechatronical equipment of food productions Fatykhov J.A., Aqeev O.V.

pp. 139–155

Investigation of separation of aromatic components out of essential oil by preparative chromatography Frolova N.E., Chepel N.V., Naumenko K.A., Usatyuk E. M.

pp. 156–163

Rationale for the recommendation on the use of functional and technological additives in herring preserves production Chernova A.V., Titova I.M.

pp. 164–170

Lactate containing food additive «Dilaktin Forte Plus» for processing the poultry meat Shameko I.V., Andreeva N.L., Eveleva V.V.

pp. 171–176

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