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June 2022 (published: 14.06.2022)

Number 2(52)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Development of mayonnaise sauce with the use of amaranth oil and evaluation its quality Reznichenko Irina Yu. , Zakhvataeva Anastasia V., Ruban Natalia Yu.

pp. 3—9

Technology for obtaining granulated biologically active chitine-mineral food additive enriched in peptides Manuilov Andrey N., Kuprina Elena E. , Kiprushkina E.I., Volkova O.V., Shamtsyan M.M., Yakkola Anastasia N.

pp. 10–19

The flow of oil-containing material in the channel of the oil press screw Starkov A.S., Melnik G. E., Starkov C.A., Lisitsyn Dmitry A.

pp. 20–27

Molecular transfer processes in liquid nutrient media in the yeast and beer industries. 1. Study of the density of aqueous solutions of molasses and concentrated beer wort Suzdaltseva O.A., Fomina E.A., Alexander G. Novoselov, Sorokin S.A., Baranov I.V., Kravcova E.V., Gulyaeva Yu. N.

pp. 28–39

The use of protein hydrolysate obtained by deep processing of meat raw materials for foliar feeding of soft wheat and reducing the intensity of disease development Kremenevskaya M.I., Кolesnikov L.E., Kolesnikova J.R., Adhamov F.S.G., Tkacheva M.M., Minakov D.S.

pp. 40–56

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