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2020 (published: 23.03.2020)

Number 1(43)

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UDC 613.292

The effect of dietary fiber on the quality indicators of cooked sausages

Petrova A.S., Laricheva K.N., Osipova M.V., Suchkova E.P.

The possibility of using plant raw materials (food fibers) with functional properties in the production of cooked sausages was investigated. The objects of research were cooked sausage; wheat bran production (Zaraiskie Semena, Russia); and the samples of the finished product. We studied three samples of cooked sausage with the addition of dietary fibers (wheat bran) in the amount of 4; 8; and 12% of the product weight. The effect of wheat bran in sausage samples on the organoleptic and physico-chemical properties of the product was evaluated in order to determine the optimal amount of the ingredient. It was found that a sample of cooked sausage with wheat bran in the amount of 8% received the highest ratings of the tasting commission. Its physical and chemical quality indicators meet the requirements of regulatory documentation. Based on the results obtained, it is possible to recommend adding wheat bran to cooked sausage in the amount of 8%, which, when using 50 g of sausage products per day, will satisfy the daily need for dietary fibers of an adult and children from 3 years of age by 20%.
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Keywords: functional products; dietary fibers; wheat bran; sausage products; quality indicators

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2020-10-1-67-73

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