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2019 (published: 11.06.2019)

Number 2(40)

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UDC 663.8

The use of sweeteners in the technology of bread kvass

Ivanchenko O. B., Danina M.M.

The possibility of using sugar alternativesin the technology of fermentation drink – kvass –and their influence on the physical, chemical,and organoleptic characteristics of the drink was investigated. Variants with different dose combinations of sugar substitutes’ syrups were investigated: honey and xylitol; 100% fructose; 50% fructose; 50% xylitol; 70% fructose; 30% fructose; and 70% xylitol. The study of the effect of additives on the intensity of fermentationwas carried out. The duration of fermentation of all samples at thetemperature of (21 ± 2)°C was 20h. During fermentation the intensity of dry substances’reduction, the rate of acid accumulation and alcohol synthesis were evaluated. The sample with sucrose syrup was used as thecontrolone. The most intense fermentation occurred in the sample with the replacement of sucrose with fructose, and the least intense – in the sample, in which sucrose was replaced by syrup in the composition of 30% fructose and 70% xylitol. The required acidity in the control sample wasachieved after eighthours of fermentation, while in the test samples only after 20 hours since fermentation. In accordance to the standard forkvass, the alcohol contentshould not exceed 1.2% by volume. The excess of its content was registered only in the sample with fructose and amounted to 1.7%. In other samples the amount of alcohol meets the requirements of the standard. In terms ofphysicochemical and organoleptic characteristics the sample with a combination of fructose and xylitol in theratio of 50/50 performed. The article presents the developed recipe of bread kvass with sugar substitutes.
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Keywords: soft drinks; sweeteners; fermentation intensity; kvass; fructose; xylitol; acid accumulation; alcohol content.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2019-12-2-11-18

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