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2019 (published: 11.06.2019)

Number 2(40)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Utilization of sugars from wheat fermentatives with psychrophilic yeast under anaerobic conditions Kruchina-Bogdanov I.V. , Yakubov E.R., Kanarskii A. V. , Kanarskaya Z.A.

pp. 3–10

The use of sweeteners in the technology of bread kvass Ivanchenko O. B., Danina M.M.

pp. 11–18

Universal dispensers for small businesses in the food industry Zhao Wen, Milana V. Zhavner, Victor L. Zhavner

pp. 19–26

Recipe development and evaluation of consumer properties of sugar cookies enriched with natural antioxidants Zambulaeva N.D., Zhamsaranova S.D. , Khalapkhanova L.V., Kozlova T.S.

pp. 27–35

The efficiency of the enzyme preparations during the hydrolysate preparation from wheat bread wastes Ibrahim Monika, El Youssef F., Barakova N.V.

pp. 36–41

On the issue of vibration displacement with non-harmonic oscillations of the working surface Vasiliev A.M. , Bredikhin S.A. , Andreev V.K.

pp. 42–48

Determination of geometrical parameters of the turns of a twin-screw extruder press for the production of vegetable oils Gukasyan A.V.

pp. 49–59

Study of shrimp drying Suslov A.E., Fatykhov J.A.

pp. 60–68

Lupine seeds as an alternative to soy in terms of food products consumer properties Glotova I.A. , Ryazantseva A.O. , Galochkina N.A., Kutsova A.E.

pp. 69–79

Analytical and experimental modeling of raw material pressure profile in tops Pelenko V.V., Ivanenko V.P., Shakhov A.S. , Usmanov I.I., Denisov А.А., Khalikov I.I.

pp. 80–89

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