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2024 (published: 21.03.2024)

Number 1(59)

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Duzhij A.B.

Work place:

Университет ИТМО Институт холода и биотехнологий 921002, Санкт-Петербург, ул. Ломоносова, 9


канд. техн. наук

Agaev K.E., Duzhij A.B., Alexander G. Novoselov Research of geometrical parameters of free liquid jets at leaking SJID in conditions of an initial steady operating mode

The article was published in issue1 за 2012

Alexander G. Novoselov, Duzhij A.B., Golikova E.Y. Diffusion of Gases in Liquids 1.The molecular diffusion coefficients of carbon dioxide in water

The article was published in issue2 за 2014

Alexander G. Novoselov, Seliverstova E.G., Sorokin S.A., Duzhij A.B. Diffusion of gases in liquids. 2. The molecular diffusion coefficients of oxygen in water

The article was published in issue3 за 2020

Alexander G. Novoselov, Chebotar A.V., Igor V. Baranov, Duzhij A.B., Sorokin S.A. Prediction of values of molecular diffusion coefficients for oxygen into aqueous solutions of nutrients for biotechnological productions

The article was published in issue1 за 2024

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