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December 2017 (published: 25.12.2017)

Number 4(34)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Intensification of beer wort hopping with the use of rotary pulsation apparatus Borodulin D.M. , Ivanec V.N. , Safonova E.A., Prosin M.V., Milenkiy I.O., Noskova V.V.

pp. 3–12

Synthesis and properties of Biostim protein filler based acrylic composites Marina V. Baidakova , Sitnikova Vera E, Uspenskaya Maya Valerievna, Kremenevskaya M.I., Sosnina O.A., Lebedeva T.V.

pp. 13–19

Self-cleaning filter based on magnetically controlled particles Shorstkii Ivan A., Savenkov K.Yu

pp. 20–26

Mathematical simulation of normal contact pressure forces on side knife edges during food cutting Aqeev O.V., Naumov V. A., Fatykhov Yu. A.

pp. 27–42

Analysis of potentially dangerous biologically active substances for the safe use of plant materials in food production Rudometova N.V., Kim I.S.

pp. 43–52

Screening input parameters in distilled malt spirit technology for obtaining a sensory profile with maximum acceptability Romanov V.A., Barakova N.V.

pp. 53–60

Effectiveness of metabolism products of entomopathogenic nematode symbiotic bacteria against Fusarium dry rot (Fusarium spp.) Agansonova N.E.

pp. 61–66

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