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сентябрь 2016 (published: 30.09.2016)

Number 3(29)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Instant porridge formula with chia seeds (Salvia hispanica L.) Kabanova Yu.V., Reznikova M.V., Nadtochii L.A.

pp. 3–11

Survival of the lactic acid microorganisms in emulsified meat products Baranenko D.A., Borisova I.I., Borisov A.Е.

pp. 12–16

Modeling multicomponent formula of flour mixtures with specified indicators of food adequacy Berezina N.A., Artemov A.V., Chuev B.N.

pp. 17–23

Hydrodynamics and heat transfer in free convection conditions Vyacheslav B. Tishin , Alexander G. Novoselov, Fedorov A.A. , Chebotar A.V.

pp. 24–31

Optimum form of the blade instrument for pulverizing fruits and vegetables Minaeva L.V. , Minaeva T.V. , Kravcova E.V., Alekseev G. V.

pp. 32–38

The influence of delayed baking technologies and the use of improvers on croissant quality Dmitrieva Yu V, Andreev A.N.

pp. 39–47

Foodstuff hydrocutting process Pogrebnyak A.V. , Deynichenko G.V.

pp. 48–62

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