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Декабрь 2014 (published: 03.12.2014)

Number 4(22)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Vitamin composition and biological value of altai dairy drink chegen Nadtochii L.A. , Arsenyeva T.P., Bukachakova L.Ch.

pp. 1–6

The process control system of heat treatment food Balubash V.A., Aleshichev S.E., Dobryakov V.A.

pp. 7–12

Substantiationof shelf stable functional ingredients from Jerusalem artichokeproduction technological parameters Baranenko D.A., Borisova I.I.

pp. 13–20

Role of baсterial cultures in formation of taste and aromatic of sour-cream butter Bodnarchuk O.V., Kigel N.F., Gukova Ya.F., Eresko G.O.

pp. 21–30

Experimental study of vertical autoclave temperature field Bredikhin S.A. , Skotnikov D.A.

pp. 31–37

Design and construction of resource-saving installations for the processing of slurries of citrus in the ultrasound Verboloz E.I., Raspopov К.S. , Amirova E.R.

pp. 38–42

Benefits of production of strudels without addition of preservative Domorackyi S. S., Gryazon D.Y.

pp. 43–48

Oscillatory mode of drying shredded carrots by infrared radiation* Demidov S.F., Voronenko B.A., Pelenko V.V., Demidov A.S., Elovik D.K.

pp. 49–54

Drying leaves and shredded celery by infrared radiation Demidov S.F., Voronenko B.A., Pelenko V.V., Demidov A.S., Dergunov M.V.

pp. 55–61

Fermenting fish trimmings using enzyme-based drug transglutaminase Domorackaya M.V. , Domorackyi S. S.

pp. 62–68

The study of the influence of the mass fraction of green tea extract on the organoleptic characteristics of curd product Evstigneeva T.N., Mikhailova A.V., Yakovleva R.V.

pp. 69–75

Studying of influence of ultrasound on some production phases of flour confectionery in the convection steamer Ivanova M.A. , Rekuto N.V.

pp. 76–80

Pectin and its impact on consumer properties of fruit sugar confectionery Koldina T.V., Vitovtov A.A.

pp. 81–86

Study of features of probiotic cultures fermentation mixture of milk and serum containing extracts of berries Krasnikova Ludmila Vasilievna, Zhukova A.D.

pp. 87–95

Rheological characteristics of abnormally viscous food products and other media Krupoderov А.U., Nikolaev L.K., Кузнецов А.В.

pp. 96–106

The usage of protein stimulants of by-products of meat processing for the needs of natural grassland Kutsakova V. E., Kremenevskaya M.I., Dobryagin R.V., Kalinina O.A., Pavlova A.I.

pp. 107–112

Influence of drugs probiotic bacterial on consumer properties cooked sausages Merenkova S.P. , Lukin A A

pp. 113–119

The choice of varieties of hops for the technology of dry hopping Matveeva N.A. , Titov A.A.

pp. 120–125

Research and intensification of dynamic crushing fruit lemon beverage with pulp Minaeva L.V. , Alexeev G.V.

pp. 126–130

Features change the hue of a boiled sausage products arising under the influence of betulin Murashev S.V., Petukhova D.B., Svetlichnaya V.D.

pp. 131–138

Stability of iron-porphyrin complexes red colo and properties of the ligand Paramonova A.P., Murashev S.V.

pp. 139–144

Mathematical model of the separation of meat and bone meat raw materials high-energy water jets Murashov I.D. , Petrakov S.A. , Zhuravleva D.A.

pp. 145–153

Scaling of the device with opposite twirled streams the inert carrier for drying an agar agar Kutsakova V. E., Namliyev Yu.V., Panina T.S., Fedorova A.M.

pp. 154–160

Investigation of the method of reception of liquid fof smoking on the basis acoustically generated aerosol Nikonova A.S. , Ivaney A.A.

pp. 161–168

Analytical and experimental evaluation of the effect of the friction torque kinematic pair knife-lattice performance shredder Pelenko V.V., Zuev N.A., Ольшевский Р.Г., Ivanenko V.P., Krysin A.G.

pp. 169–181

The chemical composition of fennel storage frozen Prokofjev A.A., Stepanova N.Y.

pp. 182–188

The nutritional value of mint and lemon balm in fresh and frozen Prokofjev P.A., Stepanova N.Y.

pp. 189–194

Improving the efficiency of purification and deodorization gas emissions in columns packed with polymer-type nozzle Shpilin D.I., Pronin V.A.

pp. 195–203

Development and production of cheese products with vegetable components Rudakova A.Yu. , Zabodalova L.A.,, Serova O. P.

pp. 204–209

Antioxidant activity of vegetable raw materials in processes of freezing and vacuum dehydration Semenov G. V., Budantsev E.V., Krasnova I.S.

pp. 210–213

Verification of computer simulation of a flow of a coolant in a buffer tank of cooling system Timofeyevsky A.L., Borozdkin S.V. , Saifullin T.I.

pp. 214–221

Extraction of garlicphytoncides for meat products microbiological stability increase during refrigerated storage Khlibov N.A., Baranenko D.A.

pp. 222–229

Blancmange with radioprotective fillers Kukushkina O.M. , Arsenyeva T.P.

pp. 230–235

Systematic approach to the analysis of process water-heat and enzymatic treatment of the grain material in the production technology of edible ethanol. 1. Analysis of the block "Medium" Alexander G. Novoselov, Chebotar A.V., Gulyaeva Yu. N.

pp. 236–243

Approaches of the ill-defined logic in study biotechnology for rational use food resource Egoshina E.V., Alexeev G.V., Verboloz E.I., Basheva E.P., Borovkov M.I.

pp. 244–255

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