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December 2023 (published: 17.12.2023)

Number 4(58)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Molecular transport processes in liquid nutrient media of yeast and beer industries. Part 3. Thermophysical properties of aqueous solutions of beet molasses and beer wort concentrate Alexander G. Novoselov, Loginov Andrey Yu. , Igor V. Baranov, Chebotar A.V., Sorokin S.A.

pp. 3–13

Optical and transdermal propertiea of the barrier layer of skin epidermis Alla P. Nechiporenko, Ситникова В. Е., Ukraintseva P.I., Ulyana Yu. Nechiporenko

pp. 14–28

Influence of green tea extract on the lactic acid fermentation process and organoleptic characteristics of fermented beverage based on apple juice Al-Yasari Arkan H., Barakova N.V., Baskovʦeva A.S., Gunkova P.I., Loan Phan Thi Hong, Hovhannisyan Pilipp A.

pp. 29–40

Integrating life cycle assessment into best technology practices for functional food ingredients Miniakhmetova A.V. , Sergienko Olga I., Baranenko D.A., Ilina V.S. , Lepeshkin A.I., Eminova Elmira R.

pp. 41–50

Mathematical simulation of vibration cutting process for food materials Aqeev O.V., Samojlova N.V.

pp. 51–68

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