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2023 (published: 30.03.2023)

Number 1(55)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

The influence of varietal diversity on the efficiency of protein water extraction from whole flaxseeds Minevich I.E., Goncharova Agata A., Valentin I. Ushchapovsky

pp. 3–9

The quality of a protein bar for sports nutrition with fish protein supplements Nekrasova Yulia O. , Mezenova O. Ya., Andreev M. P.

pp. 10–20

Improving grinding and cutting equipment: theory and practice (dynamics of development). Statistical analysis Pelenko V.V., Korotkova Tatiana Yu., Zlobin Vladimir G., Lipatov Maxim S. , Ivanenko V.P.

pp. 21–28

Changes in lipase activity of Acinetobacter radioresistens during cultivation on wheat bran Sharova N.Yu. , Garicheva Alyona V. , Sverdlova Olga P. , Printseva Anastasia A., Sorokoumov Pavel N., Kulishova K.E., Dzyubenko Victoria V.

pp. 29–36

Molecular transfer processes in liquid nutrient media in the yeast and beer industries. 2. Study of the rheological properties for aqueous solutions of molasses and concentrated beer wort Alexander G. Novoselov, Malakhov Yu.L., Chebotar A.V., Sorokin S.A., Igor V. Baranov, Gulyaeva Yu. N.

pp. 37–48

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