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June 2021 (published: 15.06.2021)

Number 2(48)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Development of a method for determining the boundary conditions of raw material processing in a microwave field for leveling the thermal component Korolev Aleksei А. , Kondratenko Vladimir V.

pp. 3–12

Rheological properties of a feed mix with brown algae-based additive Evtishin Ivan V., Shorstkii Ivan A.

pp. 13–19

Influence of a consortium of microorganisms on the structural and mechanical properties of fermented curds for the production of soft fermented milk cheeses Kholobova Ksenia A., Anistratova Oksana V.

pp. 20–30

Implementation of the mathematical model for drying watermelon semi-finished product Lebedev Viktor A. , Aleksanyan Igor Yu., Nugmanov A.H-H., Maksimenko Yury A., Lysova V.N.

pp. 31–39

Dependence of the optimal knife thickness on the geometric and elastic characteristics of the chopper structural elements Pelenko V.V., Nechitaylov Vasily V., Verboloz A. P., Demchenko V.A., Kutsenko Dmitry A., Barinov Grigory V.

pp. 40–52

Scientific basis for terminal sterilization of liquid canned food systems Senkevich Vyacheslav I.

pp. 53–67

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