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March 2021 (published: 25.03.2021)

Number 1(47)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

Fourier spectroscopy of sarcoplasmic, myofibrillar, and connective tissue proteins of pork muscle tissue Alla P. Nechiporenko, Orehova S.M., Sitnikova Vera E, Gromova D.A., Bushueva A.V., Uspenskaya Maya Valerievna

pp. 3–14

Influence of the material reverse flow process on the regularities of pressure formation along the length of the screw surface of extruders Pelenko V.V., Verkholantsev A.A., Verboloz A. P., Demchenko V.A., Usmanov I.I., Xia Chenguang

pp. 15–24

Microplasma treatment for tobacco leaves drying Shorstkii Ivan A., Sosnin M.D., Gnuchikh E.V., Ulyanchenko E.E.

pp. 25–33

A technology for cheeses enriched with nut mixture Merenkova S.P. , Filkov A.A.

pp. 34–42

Features of the technology of functional ingredients enriched with biologically active substances of chondroprotective action Kremenevskaya M.I., Aret V.A., Sosnina O.A., Panchenco M.Yu., Rubtsov A.K. , Moskvicheva E.V.

pp. 43–52

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