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Series "Processes and Food Production Equipment"
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2018 (published: 30.12.2018)

Number 3(37)

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Processes and Food Production Equipment

The influence of cyclodextrin and modified starches on the beta-carotene lightfastness in inclusion complexes Rudometova N.V., Kulishova K.E., Kim I.S.

pp. 3–11

Digital technologies in assessment and analysis of the food tasting results Nikitina M. A., Zakharov A.N., Kuznetsova T.G., Lazarev A.A.

pp. 12–19

Prospects for the use of Spirulina Platensis microalgae in the technology for candy caramel of increased nutritional value Rumyantseva V.V., Khmeleva E.V., Zhizhina L.A.

pp. 20–25

The effect of inclination for the helical surface of the mincer screw last coil on the pressure of the raw material in the cutting zonezone Pelenko V.V., Ivanenko V.P., Verboloz E.I., Usmanov I.I.

pp. 26–34

The effect of ultrasound on microbiological fermentation Berezina N.A., Komolikov A.S., Galagan T.V., Osipova G.A., Gavrilina V.A. , Nikitin I.A.

pp. 35–41

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