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2019 (published: 11.06.2019)

Number 2(40)

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UDC 66-5

Universal dispensers for small businesses in the food industry

Zhao Wen, Milana V. Zhavner, Victor L. Zhavner

The work is connected with the study of mechatronic dosing systems for loose products for small enterprises of the food industry. The methods of analysis and synthesis of technical requirements for batching error and performance from the standpoint of reducing the range of dispensers for small enterprises of the food industry are used. The results of experimental studies of dispensers with small doses are used. As a result of research, a technical ideology has been developed, which consists in the fact that all nominal masses from 5 to 1000 g are divided into two ranges: 5–100 g and 100–1000 g. It is proved that using the principle of multiple packaging in one package of multiple doses, the requirements for the value of permissible negative deviations to the nominal mass are met. The design of volumetric doser for each range with adjustable minimum unit mass is proposed. For each range, their own concept of building a batcher with measuring volume in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped with a variable configuration is proposed to obtain the required unit volume. In one case it is a plunger dispenser with a transverse gate mounted in the feeder, in another – it is a slide gate dispenser with a slide in the measuredvolume of the gate. Each dispenser has two loading openings and two adjustable volumetric volumes, which eliminates idle movements and increases productivity. To move the plunger or gate a single-type spring drive is used with a control system that allows not only to change the number of doses, but also to increase the speed. This drive provides the laws of motion with minimal landing speeds. Recommendations on the choice of the minimum unit volumes and the number of doses that provide higher performance are given. This approach can be used when splitting the selected mass range into another number of ranges, for example, into three.
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Keywords: machine and apparatus control; small business; universal batcher; multiple batching; productivity; error of batching; drive unit; volumetric batcher.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2019-12-2-19-26

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