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2018 (published: 30.12.2018)

Number 3(37)

Home > Issue > The effect of inclination for the helical surface of the mincer screw last coil on the pressure of the raw material in the cutting zonezone

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The effect of inclination for the helical surface of the mincer screw last coil on the pressure of the raw material in the cutting zonezone

Pelenko V.V., Ivanenko V.P., Verboloz E.I., Usmanov I.I.

Analytical technique is put forward and a fundamental problem of optimizing cutting machine parameters, namely, the angle of the helical screw last fillet, as well as assessing the impact of this angle at the tightening torque of mincer screw central locknut, is solved. The provisions of which the optimizability of the angle of the mincer screw helical surface normal to its longitudinal axis is followed logically are described in details. It is shown that this task is one of the most important and logically final elements for optimal synthesis of screw machines, their analytical description, and mathematical modeling, but it did not find exhaustive coverage in the existing literature. At the stage of describing the internal relationships of the model elements and characteristics of interaction of its components the deformation characteristics of the processed product, kinematic, dynamic, and constructive features of the equipment, as well as the direction of their impact on the output quantity and quality of the technological process of cutting are taken into consideration.  The most important and principal factor of the developed mathematical model for the optimization its taking into account the joint density conditions in the knife-lattice cutting pair, which is provided by the required reasonable size of tightening torque for mincer screw locknut. Modelling the total optimal tightening of central locknut providing both joint density in the knife–lattice zone and necessary condition for compensation of working pressure at the outlet of the meat chopper is carried out. The significance, importance, and impact of solving this task is due to the energy intensity of the meat raw materials mincing process, the output quality of product, and wear-related properties of knives and lattices - the weakest part in the construction of screw grinding equipment.
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Keywords: screw; helical line; angle; torque; pressure; velocity of raw materials flow; joint density; tension bearing failure.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2018-11-3-26-34

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