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March 2018 (published: 31.03.2018)

Number 1(35)

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UDC 637.344.8:663.479.1

Production of a fermented whey-based grain beverage: technological aspects

Dorzhieva N.V., Suchkova E.P.

This paper examines the introduction of a grain component into a drink based on milk whey. During the organoleptic evaluation the application rate of the grain component was 10 g per 100 cm3 of whey. To improve the appearance and give a characteristic smell and taste of the beverage grain the roasting of the grain with a layer thickness of 0.5 cm was additionally carried out at the temperature of 220 ± 15°C for 0.5 min for wheat flour and for 1 min for wheat grits. The process of the transition of water-soluble substances from the grain component to the aqueous solution was analyzed, The sample with barley flour was shown to possess the greatest transition. The whey, selected as a base, contained about 50% of milk solids. In the whey a grain component was added to increase the biological value of the serum and a starter population was made on the basis of yeast and acidophilus bacillus. The beverage was kept at 22 ± 2°C for the first two hours, then the temperature was raised to 38 ± 2°C and left for additional 3 hours. Titrated acidity of the drink was measured every hour. Upon completion of fermentation the acidity of the finished beverage averaged 43.6°T for samples with wheat flour, and 36.2°T for wheat grits. According to the analysis results the different time of acidophilus bacillus introduction had a slight effect on the overall acidity of the finished beverage, so it is more expedient to introduce yeast and acidophilus bacillus simultaneously.
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Keywords: products from whey; low-alcohol beverages; grain beverage; whey; wheat; barley.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2016-11-1-21-26

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