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сентябрь 2016 (published: 30.09.2016)

Number 3(29)

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UDC 664.641.022.3

Modeling multicomponent formula of flour mixtures with specified indicators of food adequacy

Berezina N.A., Artemov A.V., Chuev B.N.

The article deals with flour mixtures for rye-wheat bakery products of increased biological value. The problem was solved by simplex method with artificial basis related to numerical optimization methods for solving linear programming problems. The composition of the flour mixtures for rye-wheat bread according to the amino acid score and biological value was optimized. Bread from flour mixes of high biological value was produced by traditional bakery methods. The quality of the products was estimated by the integrated index - complex index of quality - allowing assessing the organoleptic, physico-chemical and energy properties of the finished product. Calculations generated 32 flour mixtures from which, after analysis, 10 samples of higher biological value (by 6.12–17.66% compared to the control samples) were selected. Baked goods from mixes 1 and 7 showed the best indicators, their complex index of quality beings 22.8% higher and the total amount of essential amino acids being 1.3–1.4 times more. Also, their biological value is 8.6–14.2% higher, the specific volume is 5.8–11.7% higher, and the porosity is 1–3% higher compared to the control sample.
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Keywords: modeling; flour mixture; bread; biological value; quality.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2016-9-3-17-23

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