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March 2016 (published: 30.03.2016)

Number 1(27)

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UDC 637.3

Development of composition and technology for soft cheese with oat germinated grains

Khodunova O.S., Silantiyeva L.A.

The possibility of soft cheese enrichment with oat germinated grains is investigated. The changes in chemical composition of oat grains during germination are considered in detail. Introduction of this component increases the nutritional and biological value of cheese due to its high vitamin, minerals’, dietary fiber, essential amino acids and antioxidants content. Soft cheese samples with a mass fraction of grain additives of 2, 4, 6 and 8% were produced. Duration of coagulation was investigated by an accelerated method, rennet being applied as a 1% solution at 10 ml per 100 g of mixture. Water-holding capacity was evaluated by the quantity of released whey after centrifugation of the clots. When filler content increases the duration of coagulation is found to increase by 14, 37, 56 and 63 seconds respectively, and water-holding capacity increases by 0,4; 0,7; 0,9 and 1,0 ml also, compared to the control samples with a mass fraction of germinated grains of 2, 4, 6 and 8%. Organoleptic estimation of curd and finished product proved that the optimum ratio of oat germinated grains in soft cheese was 4–6 %.
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Keywords: soft cheeses; germinated seeds; oat; functional properties; water-holding capacity.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2016-9-1-100-106

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